Week 4 master key- Movin’ on up

I’m happy to report I’m feeling much more positive this week! Don’t get me wrong, I’m exhausted more than ever (Seriously UK education system, check yourself before you wreck yourself… and me and the rest of the teachers of Britain) but mentally I’m feeling so much more with it!

After writing my last blog in my lunch period, I plodded back to class to teach my lesson and could feel myself getting wound up. So I sat firm then all if a sudden that first line from GS came to me.

Today, I begin a new life.

And it made me smile. I didn’t have to wait till tomorrow to start, I could start now, this very second!!!

So I did, and I felt my mentality shift immediately!   So now whenever I feel things getting on top of me, this comes to me. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to experience the flow of giving and receiving first hand. A colleague’s wife just got diagnosed with eczema and I gave him a pot of cream from a company I used to work for. He saw me on Monday and her condition had almost fully cleared up and she had bought me a bottle of wine to say thank you. Normally I would have felt awkward about it but this time I just said thankyou and took home my gift. It may only be a small thing but it’s amazing to start seeing it already!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about next week! I’m off to Lake Garda in Italy and I’m going PARAGLIDING!!!! my lovely hubby bought it for my birthday 😀 I LOVE Italy and I LOVE Extreme sports and I’ve never been paragliding so I’m buzzing! 

Can’t wait to see what happens next on this incredible journey!

Until next time…




Week 3 Masterkey Experience

Im not sure why but I am severely lacking in energy this week. I’m usually pretty capable at keeping on top of things but this week I have found it genuinely tough getting through everything.

 I am managing it but only just. 

We’re having a pretty stressful time at work and I’m wondering if that’s the reason behind it. The previous weeks I have been really optimistic so I feel a bit gutted to have had this slump! Guess my old blue print is putting up a bit of a fight a the moment, and trying to pull out all the stops!

I will keep going though, I’m not going to let my lack of energy beat me. Like it says, everything is mental and I can either let my old blue print win or I can continue with building my new one. 

It comes down to the simple fact that I want my new blue print to who I am fully. 

So I will keep going forward this week, even if it’s a slower plod then previously, it’s still forward :). 

Week 2 Master Key Experience- The power of the correct tense

Week 2 of the master key experience is here!…Gosh, there is a lot of reading isn’t there?! I’ve started to develop a good system for this and get up a bit earlier each morning and do the reading I used to save for the end of the day here (still reading the DMP and scrolls at the right time of course!) I find that by doing so it sets me up for the day and puts me in a good frame of mind! 

I’m steadily starting to see a change in myself, particularly in regards to patience. I’m my father’s daughter and patience has never been my strong point (!) but I notice I am starting to see elements of this elusive trait more and more in my day to day life. It’s quite a bonus for someone who can’t stand waiting 30 seconds for the microwave!

Had my first draft back of my DMP with some really useful notes as to how to develop it. One of the main things that really stood out for me was, without realising it, I had written it in completely the wrong tense! I had been writing in the future using ‘I will’. ‘I will do this’ ‘I will do that’. I had liked what I had written to begin with but had started to loose touch with the words. 

When John pointed this out to me I went back and revised it and couldn’t believe how many ‘I will’s where in there! (20 in case you were wondering!) no wonder I’d started to loose touch with the words, I’d basically been telling my subby of my plans, but not to actually engage with them as they would happen in the ‘future’. So not surprisingly, my  subby had been putting its feet up and having biscuit. 

After adjusting this I was so pleased to find that the spark has been relit when I read it out loud. It meant so much more putting it in the right tense! If you’re reading this and wondering why your DMP isn’t quite singing to you I urge you to go back and check the tense you have used to write it. 

Turns out English teachers are right, learning tenses will come in handy one day! 

Week 1 Master Key experience

So it is my first week of the master key experience and I’m pleased to say I have stuck to the requirements  exactly! I’m not going to lie, I’m finding it quite intense at the moment. Doing this and being a full time teacher certainly takes it toll! But I feel happy and ready for the challenge.  I want to change my life for the better and find out who I am so I’m not afraid of a little hard work to do so. Every other time I’ve just gotten bored and given up I’ve just gone round and round in circles and not gotten anywhere so why not give this a chance. 

I’m happy and pleasantly surprised at how many people I’ve told about doing this. In the past I never would have told anyone because I would be too afraid of their judgment, but I really feel like I’m starting to make a positive change in that way. It’s a small step but a really important one for me. 

I had a really interesting time writing my DMP (definite major purpose) to begin with as I’ve never been too good at figuring out what I want. I’ve always been quite laid back and go along with whatever was easiest. I always struggled when I had to think for myself with the things that really mattered. I guess it was my way of not having to take control of my life and be able to blame someone else if it didn’t turn out how I wanted. That was the easy way out and I’ve grown bored of it. I want to take control of my own life and be responsible for my choices. 

After all it’s my life and my journey no one else’s and I want to experience it full and be present in it fully.
Here’s to the roller coaster!