Week 9 master key experience- living in two worldsย 

This week has been a good but a strange one. I feel like I live in two worlds. 

I feel like I have cracked my home life, I get back from work. and I’m really positive, I feel ‘in the zone’ doing my MKMMA thing and I’ve pretty much cut out TV entirely.I tried to watch an episode of once upon a time, got bored and rapidly went back to MKMMA stuff! 

Husband and I now eat at the dinner table and talk which is fab! He’s been totally supportive of this experience which is a wonderful blessing. I’m getting all these wonderful signs too, I mean look at what was waiting for me in a pub in Shrewsbury on the weekend… 

My work life however is something I am struggling with. I find myself exhausted and frustrated to the point of sickness this week. My old blue print is really hitting me with everything it’s got. But I promise, I AM TRYING ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Small steps seem to be the key. I think a big part of me just wants to be perfect at all this already, and when I’m not I find it hard and beat myself up. I think it’s the old blue print talking again and being sneaky, and when I’m rushed (as I am at work!) I instinctively fall for it.
My new blue print likes a more relaxed pace, I guess that’s why it slots happily into place at home. I’m trying to make little cross overs to help, for example I made myself a ‘compass watch’ to help me remember my path, which I wear at school, the kids love it! Here it is:

 I’m also trying to get people to share positive things with me and I’m finding this can help too. Hopefully these things will help and I’ll start seeing a change in work too ๐Ÿ™‚
Till next time…
Steph x


Week 8 Master Key Experience- ‘If we dream something, if we picture something, we can make it a reality.’

So after this weeks webinar I had a huge realisation.

I hadn’t been making enough effort with my commitments to the master key. 

Ever since I came back from Italy I hadn’t been engaging properly and I don’t think I really wanted to admit it to myself. I was doing it but not feeling it properly. Just rushing through. No wonder I had found the last few weeks a struggle!

I made a commitment then that I would follow it to a T as best as I possibly could. I have felt such a wonderful difference this week! I looked over my DMP and realised I had picked a wrong PPN for me. I was a little nervous to change it but as soon as I had it just clicked that much more for me! 

I don’t know how but a familiar phrase has been coming to me all this week from all angles. 

‘If you dream it, you can do it.’

During school, in reading, in conversation with friends and colleagues. 

I heard it again today after hearing the sad news of the passing of Jonah Lomu’s passing. It was a quote from the man himself:

If we can dream something, if we can picture something, we can make it a reality.’


What a man. Rest in peace.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something, don’t you? 

Till next time…

Steph x

Week 7 master key experience- don’t worry, be happy

hurrah! I’m finally starting to be able to still my mind! I can’t do it for the full time yet but it is becoming easier and it’s such an awesome feeling! Feel like I’m really progressing there ๐Ÿ˜€

After a slight break down and a good cry on Monday morning (work related!) I really went to town on the positive thought diet! Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to restart each day, I definitely have more negative thoughts than I thought, but I’m not afraid of doing so because it’s really teaching  me how to get a handle on them and control them, I’m embracing my challenges! 

I have also started taking actual steps with my writing and written a short story. I’m never very good at finishing things so I looked around online for a short story competition and found one which had a 1000 word cap on it. I wrote the story in one night and was pleasantly surprised to see the first draft was 1,500 words! I found it tricky to cut down but I think il nearly there. I’m submitting it tomorrow so I’m pleased I met the challenge I set for myself! 

I recorded my DMP to music too! I went for don’t worry, be happy and it fits it brilliantly! I love the song anyway and listen to it quite often so hearing it just makes me feel happy and positive! 

Till next time…

Week 6 master key experience, rushed off my feet!

I’ve had a ridiculously busy week being back at work!!!

I was feeling great after last week but literally just stepping back into the school system for a few hours makes me incredibly stressed. It’s really tricky as I’ve had to do a great deal of travelling the last few days and we have a lot of paperwork to do at school.

 So it has been a tough week but highly blessed too, I got to see my brother and two great friends after a mess up with travel arrangements and I got to see a fantastic piece of theatre with some of my students and great colleagues!

Got to just keep my mind as positive as possible and focus on all the positive experiences amongst the tricky ones. It is hard but it’s worth it so got to keep going. 

Send me some good vibes if you can! Need all the help I can get this week ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 5 Master Key- Catching Up and Positive signs

So I am back from an incredible holiday from Lake Garda and have just finished list Ning to the previous weeks session I was away for, and what a great session it was! I’ve paid it forward and am greatly looking forward to the next stage of the master key journey!

As I mentioned I was in Lake Garda, which I can recommend enough, it is an incredible place! I did my paragliding and WOW!!!! What an experience! I felt like I was flying and it was exactly how I had described on my DMP, I will treasure it forever.

We were lucky enough to have a car and travel around a lot! We went all around Lake Garda, my incredible husband drove around the ENTIRE thing! If you’re going I recommend, Torbole, Limone and Malcesine, that later being my favourite). We also got to spend a day in in Venice and Verona, Shakespeare wasn’t kidding when he called it fair Verona, its stunning, and that’s coming from me who walked around it in the rain! But the one thing that constantly stood out to me was what I saw whenever we travelled, and that was hundreds and hundreds of vineyards and olive trees!! I couldn’t have asked for a clearer sign if I tried!

You see, I have this dream of being a writer. I want to do it so much, but I felt like there was this block in my brain not allowing me to do it. I have dyslexia and my form often muddles my thoughts and words and I forget things easily, (It sounds like I’ve made this up, I’ve not, its all officially written up and documented!) but I’ve always taken it as a blessing because it helps me teach kids who struggle in a similar way to me. I just assumed that when I write it was always going to be hanging over me.

I can literally pinpoint the moment of clarity. I was in St. Mark’s square in Venice and I was looking at this big beautiful clock and POOF! My brain started whirling with ideas! I know exactly what I’m going to write and I KNOW WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY I WILL ACHIEVE THIS!! Amazing!!!

It also came in handy on the way back when we were caught in stand still traffic after an accident on an Italian motorway, a car collided with a lorry, luckily from what we could tell no one had been seriously injured. I was starting to get concerned but I calmed myself and took the time to do my 15 minutes. After that time past I willed it that we would be moving at 45 minutes passed the hour. I just kept concentrating on it, being calm and breathing.

We were off again 44 minutes past.

I am so thankful this way of being has entered my life. I can feel the positive influences! Lets keep them coming!

Till next time ๐Ÿ˜€