Week 17a- The Power of the Mini-Hero



I am the first to admit I love a hero! I’m an avid Disney fan so the idea of someone going out and saving the day is something I’ve grown up with. The thought that someone puts themselves out there for someone else? Wow! I love that! 

There are so many wonderful quotes out there about Heroes. Here are a few great ones: 


While I love these, I stumbled across something just a few months ago which for me really summed up all ounces of being a hero. My friend and fellow teacher set a homework about defining what a hero is to his students, and this is what one boy came back with: 

For me it just sums up how an every day action can be heroic. So often our culture fools us into thinking unless something is a massive heroic gesture with lots of attention and applause they don’t count. We so often forget these are just as important, if not sometimes more so. Does it not define our character more by what we choose to do when we think no one is watching? 
What are your mini hero moments? I can’t wait to hear about them! 
Till next time… 
Steph x



6 thoughts on “Week 17a- The Power of the Mini-Hero”

  1. I like it! I suppose now you have me thinking and the phrase that comes up when I think of a Hero is……Saving the world from Evil Villains! ha! ok I’ll have to process that one now. The Batman’s and Robins of the world… hmmm food for thought:-) To the Hero within!!

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