Week 18- overcoming the bad :)

Had a bit of a tough week with work. Everything has been going 90 miles and it’s not been easy. But like Mark says, embrace your challenges! I’ve been working really hard on staying positive so I’ve been looking for lots of nice positive moments, here’s a few I found: 

 Always better to look for the good right? 

And finally this really made me smile…. Till next time! Steph x



10 thoughts on “Week 18- overcoming the bad :)”

  1. Well if that doesn’t put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye then what will?? Love it! Just that little moment of reading your quotes and watching Stevie really makes you realise these tiny little moments where you heart opens really count in adding up to the moments of your life. Have you watched I AM? It’s awesome! Can’t get Finding Joe though.:-( Hope you have a fab week 19 and inevitably… the tide will change direction.:-) Isn’t she lovely! Isn’t she won…der..ful!


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