Week 20- forced to slow down

I’ve been hit by sickness this week which has taken me out like a rugby tackle. However it just makes it clear that when you need to rest you need to rest. 
I’ve been working myself to exhaustion professionally and personally and my body has quite clearly had enough and called for shut down. It’s really important we listen to ourselves and don’t ignore it, if you do eventually the body will just trump your card and force you anyway! I think I was definitely pretending not to know that I needed rest, so it just goes to show…!
If you’re feeling this way take some time and get some rest and relaxation. Your health and well being is so important. 
Till next time… 
Steph x


15 thoughts on “Week 20- forced to slow down”

  1. you are OH SO right about listening to your body, but indeed sometimes the interpretation can go either ways. That too is a learning-process… good for you that you decided to go for the rest, the ‘incubation-time’ of all the changes that are going on inside ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….. hope you are doing better already!

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