Week 22a- Trying to find my focus

I’m finding it so hard to focus this week. I’m not sure why it is but I’m struggling! 

I did the silence last week and it was great! Such a nice time to recharge! Went for a lovely walk in nature with Zen Benny (who wasn’t quite as zen when he saw a squirrel, but he’s working on it) and just relaxed. 
I think the only problem was my working week was so busy that going from 0-100 made me exhausted. Nearly at the Easter holiday mark so I can’t complain too much!
Hopefully my focus will return next week 😀
Till next time,
Steph x


2 thoughts on “Week 22a- Trying to find my focus”

  1. Sounds like you’re full up love! All good… the tides will change and space will appear for you to breathe it all in and process the changes that are happening… Easter Holidays!!! Until then… Enjoy the ride:-) Hang on tight!


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