Week 17a- The Power of the Mini-Hero



I am the first to admit I love a hero! I’m an avid Disney fan so the idea of someone going out and saving the day is something I’ve grown up with. The thought that someone puts themselves out there for someone else? Wow! I love that! 

There are so many wonderful quotes out there about Heroes. Here are a few great ones: 


While I love these, I stumbled across something just a few months ago which for me really summed up all ounces of being a hero. My friend and fellow teacher set a homework about defining what a hero is to his students, and this is what one boy came back with: 

For me it just sums up how an every day action can be heroic. So often our culture fools us into thinking unless something is a massive heroic gesture with lots of attention and applause they don’t count. We so often forget these are just as important, if not sometimes more so. Does it not define our character more by what we choose to do when we think no one is watching? 
What are your mini hero moments? I can’t wait to hear about them! 
Till next time… 
Steph x



Week 17- Focusing

  Woah…. Where has my week gone?! I’m not sure how it’s suddenly got to Friday, but here we are none the less! 
It’s been a good week! Just started up doing the insanity workout (which yes, definitely is insane!!) I’m really trying to focus on my fitness at the moment, it’s something I’ve just been wanting to get better at and improve and I’m pleased to say it’s been going well! 
I’ve found that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by stuff so I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time. I find that by doing this I’m becoming more successful at what I’m trying to achieve. Like the lessons say, being scattered over several things just isn’t helping me get there! 
So I’m slowing down and tackling one mountain at a time, and it seems to be working for me just fine 😀

Week 16- Kindness and Zen Benny

It’s all about kindness this week! I’m seeing lots of fantastic displays of it, here have been a top few so far:

– A total stranger offered to buy me a coffee at the theatre because I couldn’t leave my students.

– One of my students saved me all the red wine gums in his packets because he knew I liked them the best. 

– My husband making me delicious dinners because I don’t have time to cook on school nights. 

– The constant support our awesome fab 4 mastermind group has for each other. Lisa, Greg and Don are just the best! 

It really is amazing, just like Mark said, if you look it is everywhere! 

One thing that I’ve always found a little hard is the sit. My mind is like heart in this cartoon, means well but often gets distracted my something shiny: 


Prize for guessing which my husband is 😉 !

For those of you that don’t know I have a dog called Benny. This is he: 

And this last week, Benny has been coming to sit with me every day to do my meditation without prompt or ask. It has helped me enormously! Granted, on the first day he fell asleep on the job (but then so did I) but for whatever reason it’s really helped me regain focus! What’s even funnier is that he seems to be benefiting as well, being more relaxed in the evenings and chill out! 

So from Zen Benny and I, have a good week and keep it kind 😀!
Till next time…


Week 15: Unique

I’m really pleased to say I’ve managed to stick to everything like clockwork this week! I really feel the new scroll has helped with this, I absolutely love it! It’s so true, we all are unique and it’s time to celebrate this fact! 

In fact one of the things that really popped into my head alot was from my watch of Cool Runnings

If we walk Jamaican, talk Jamaican and is Jamaican, then we sure as hell better Bobsled Jamaican.

Now, I’m not about to start braiding my hair and obsessively listening to Reggae music (although I do like me some Bob Marley) but if I am going to do life, I need to do it my way.   I started with little things. First off I love colour and have made my OATS plan full of colour, like this:  

 It just makes it jump out at me and I love looking at it! 

I’ve also started back exercising properly. I had a long break because I was convincing myself I was ‘too tired’, but really the lack of exercise was screwing up my energy and mental drive! I’ve started listening to motivational speeches when I run and it makes me go further than ever before! (There are some great ones on spotify and YouTube if you fancy trying this!)

They are little things, but little things done my way 😀
Till next time…

Steph 😀

Week 14- Rise Above It! (You can do it!!)

Hands up if you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit? I know I have. But it’s made me all the more determined to start by kicking 2016s ass! 

First, I love Cool Runnings so being told to watch that is always good with me! The persistence they all show is just amazing! A top quote for me is: 

‘Do the words give up mean anything to you?’

‘Not a thing!’ 

I think we should all learn something from this. If we show up with the commitment each day of doing our best we will get there. We will all have times that we fall off the wagon. The question is; 
Are you going to get back on it?
Because at some points you do fall off. But it’s up to you if you stay fallen off. If you have the guts to keep getting up anytime you do fall off then you’re sure as hell closer to achieving than those who stay down. 

So if this is you, come on, get back up, you know you want to…;)
Finally I will leave you with this: 

Till next time in 2016! 

Steph x

Week 13 Masterkey Experience- Dream a little bigger Darling

 Edit  How often are well held back by our inner guard when we dare to dream? Our minds start to travel down a wild and wonderful path of new ideas and adventures and you come up with an idea that makes you SO EXCITED and you desperately want to do something about it. Then WHAM! The blocks start appearing.

‘It’s a nice idea but you can’t do this because you don’t have the money’.

‘You could do it but everyone will laugh at you’.

‘You don’t have the time!’.

‘Really? You think YOU could do that?!’. 

Before you know it, you have mentally packed up your dreams and hidden them away in the deep realms of fantasy land. The dream suddenly becomes a prisoner, only allowed out a few times a day for play when and where the guard deems it safe, then rushed back inside at the first sign of risk.

Now, you can’t blame the guard. It has been programmed to keep us safe through generations of our forefathers tendency to go wandering off and accidentally stumble into the jaws of a T-Rex. You only have to look at the Darwin awards to see just how unaware of mortality some humans can be. 

After several centuries of this, the guard decided that the mind could not be trusted to make decisions so barged in and took up permanent residency at the door of dreams. Nothing gets in or out without the guards say so.

The mind, being open to new ideas and pleased to have someone minimalise the T-Rex issue, happily let the guard in with no second thought.

As with many protective forces, the guard was very opinionated. The more the mind listened to the guard without questioning, the louder and more dominant the guard became. The mind’s river of ideas and dreams started to become more of a stream, and obediently stayed behind the door of dreams.  

Now, forgive the storytelling element but I’m sure you can see what I mean here. Some people do not have a problem with their inner guards and still manage to do but what they choose regardless of what the guard mutters. However if you’re like me, you have had experience of your inner guard stopping you from pursuing your dreams and ideas. There is a way around this.

Examine your inner guard. Find out where it came from. It could be anything from bullying, fear of inadequacy or an off hand comment someone made once that stayed with you. As you will come to see, the guard is your own form of fear. Whatever it’s root you must remember that it came from something or someone who is not experiencing your life first hand. 

The only person who has that privilege of your life first hand is you. 

When the mind starts to question and examine the guard with curiosity and love the guard starts to soften and loose its power over us. Don’t get me wrong, it is unlikely that the guard will ever be completely silent, but it is then that the guard can actually become a useful tool to the mind. 

By having the courage to stand up and say ‘yes I can do it’ when your guard questions you, you empower yourself.

You realise that those blocks weren’t blocks at all but stepping stones. Stepping stones to confidence and faith in yourself. 
And as you move from each stepping stone to the next you realise that these helped you become your greater self and give you the tools you need to indeed dream a little bigger, Darling 😉 

Happy Christmas! Till next time…


week 12- holidays are coming!!

I have a confession to make. 
I have OCD. 
Obsessive Christmas Disorder. 
I absolutely love Christmas! It is by far my favourite time of year! I think it stems from my years in retail when Christmas starts approximately mid October and we started getting the Christmas stock in and playing Christmas songs on repeat so much that you dream of them. 
I’m lucky enough to work in a pretty nice school, but that doesn’t mean to say that all my kids have the nicest time of things in their home lives. In fact I know some of them won’t be having a particularly nice time over the break. Sadly I cannot do much to change their situation, but I can do little things to make them smile.  Or in my case this:

And this:

Really looking forward to the break from work (which started an hour ago, yay!) so I can get refocused on MKMMA, I’ve been really struggling lately so the break will do me good!
Till next time….
Steph 🙂