Week23- change is coming

   It’s all becoming real now 😀😀 
Lots of exciting changes taking place in our house! We’ve been tidying up the place and getting everything ready for when the house goes on sale next week. It’s been such a nice process clearing out things we no longer need, very cathartic. 
Something when we were looking at things we weren’t sure to get rid or not but the reality was they had served their purpose in our lives so it is time to send them on 🙂  but that’s like life isn’t it. We hold on to things so tight but actually if we let them go we can experience a whole world of new things. 
What have you let go of only to experience something more exciting? 
Till next time! 
Steph x

Week 22a- Trying to find my focus

I’m finding it so hard to focus this week. I’m not sure why it is but I’m struggling! 

I did the silence last week and it was great! Such a nice time to recharge! Went for a lovely walk in nature with Zen Benny (who wasn’t quite as zen when he saw a squirrel, but he’s working on it) and just relaxed. 
I think the only problem was my working week was so busy that going from 0-100 made me exhausted. Nearly at the Easter holiday mark so I can’t complain too much!
Hopefully my focus will return next week 😀
Till next time,
Steph x

Week 22- time for solitude


It’s all starting to sink in about my new job becoming real! I’ve completed my paperwork for it and it’s all ready to get sent off. What’s even more amazing is that we have secured somewhere to live already as well, which as you can imagine is a huge relief and takes a big strain off our shoulders. Phew! 

I’m going to go into the silence tonight and Saturday. Kind of excited to do it as it’s not something I have ever done before but I can’t wait to see what happens. Also having had so much on the last few months it will be nice to just have that time to myself. I’m usually quite good at being able to sit alone and think for extended periods of time so it’s going to be fun to see what happens when I do this for such a big amount of time! 
I shall let you know what I discover 😀
Till next time… 

Steph x


Week 21- big news!!

So, HUGE NEWS!!!! 
I have just been offered a fabulous new job opportunity 😀😀😀 I have been asking for my next experience and it has come along! I’m absolutely over the moon! It’s a big change and it means moving but it’s all good! 
Just goes to show, if you put this into practise you can gain so much from it! 

Till next time! 

Steph x

Week 20- forced to slow down

I’ve been hit by sickness this week which has taken me out like a rugby tackle. However it just makes it clear that when you need to rest you need to rest. 
I’ve been working myself to exhaustion professionally and personally and my body has quite clearly had enough and called for shut down. It’s really important we listen to ourselves and don’t ignore it, if you do eventually the body will just trump your card and force you anyway! I think I was definitely pretending not to know that I needed rest, so it just goes to show…!
If you’re feeling this way take some time and get some rest and relaxation. Your health and well being is so important. 
Till next time… 
Steph x

Week 19: All about the Arts!

I have been soooooooooo busy this week!!! 

But not in a negative way 😀 

It’s my friends hen do this weekend (what us Brits call a bachelorette party) I’ve been planning it for months now and I’ve been doing all sorts to make it personalised for her. I’ve thrown myself into it and have LOVED IT!!! I  have loved being able to get lost in the painting and creating. 
I took Art for A Level and used to live in the art room, (it was tough to get me out of it!) and now I remember exactly why. There has nothing better than creating. I love it so much and it makes me happy!  Here’s a few snaps of some of what I’ve been making…

  I have to keep reminding myself to make time for this stuff, it’s so therapeutic and makes me feel calm and happy! 
Till next time…

Steph x

Week 18- overcoming the bad :)

Had a bit of a tough week with work. Everything has been going 90 miles and it’s not been easy. But like Mark says, embrace your challenges! I’ve been working really hard on staying positive so I’ve been looking for lots of nice positive moments, here’s a few I found: 

 Always better to look for the good right? 

And finally this really made me smile…. Till next time! Steph x